Mandala's form

A Mandala's form expands in eight directions from a [ central cell ].

You consider [ what to do ] about the central [ theme ] by observing it in all directions.

Here, you should focus on the fact that there is a [ 1:8 ] relation that is born. It's a relation where “one becomes eight and eight becomes one.”

A Mandala's most characteristic feature is that this structure keeps repeating. In other words, you keep thinking in the [ 1:8 ] Mandala form.

Now, there are two main central [ questions ].

■ The question about [ Manda ]: what is its true nature?

■ The question about [ La ]: how can I achieve this?

The best solution is to first understand [ Manda ]. That's the way of thinking of a Mandala and we call it Mandalart (Mandala technique).

Our “intellectual work” is ultimately to [ repeat ] those two tasks.

about 1 month ago