The structure of time

is the structure of movement

By understanding that the Manda of time is [ rotation and repetition ], you will also understand that the various functions of us who are living within said time also possess a structure of [ rotation and repetition ].

The structure of the body that our life inhabits is also made up entirely of [ rotation and repetition ].

The basic structure of it is the repetition of [ contraction and relaxation ].

It moves via the muscle movements of [ contraction and relaxation ]

The heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, and everything else move via the repetition of this [ contraction and relaxation (expansion) ].

You see that not only the structure of life, but also the structures of functions created by man are [ rotation and repetition ]. The structures of everything from those things called machines to computers are [ rotation and repetition ].

In conclusion, You can see that the structures of all of the functions in the world are based on [ rotation and repetition ].

11 months ago