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---------- Forwarded message --------- From: mckenna.koewler@wright.edu Date: Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 1:17 PM Subject: Part 4: Regalia, Ticket, and Graduation Information To: som_2021@wright.edu and gary.leroy@wright.edu

  Class of 2021,   The following email is a part four of the “Graduation Announcement Series.” Please watch your inbox for future communications.    Regalia Pick Up Information  Graduates can pick up their regalia starting on Tuesday, April 13th at the Wright State University Bookstore from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you are unable to make it during that timeframe, you may call to make an appointment. If you are still unable to pick up, please make arrangements with me as soon as possible. Regalia must be paid for at time of pick-up.   Wright State University Bookstore – (937) 775-5600    Ticket Pick Up Information  Graduates can pick up their tickets during their scheduled composite photograph time on Friday, April 30th. If you have not signed up for a composite time, please sign up using the following link. Please be aware, your guests must have their ticket in hand to enter the Nutter Center! Guest gates (2,3 & 4) will open at 1:00 pm – handicap entrance at gate 4. You may not leave the McLin Gym to hand off tickets; please make ticket arrangements prior to graduation. If you need to pick up your tickets before April 30th to make these arrangements, please contact me to schedule a pick-up time. Students are responsible for their own ticket swap unless I have been notified they are unable to attend graduation.    Graduate Arrival and Departure Information  On Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 all graduates are expected to arrive at the Nutter Center at 12:30 pm entering at Gate 9 (lot 6 - McLin Gym Entrance) with your ticket in hand. Please come dressed wearing your regalia and mask, do not bring personal items into McLin Gym. When you enter Gate 9, you will stop at the check-in table to receive your official graduation mask. Masks are to be worn at all times. At exactly 1:00 pm, graduation practice will begin to review important topics such as hooding/diploma processes, etc. Graduation will begin at exactly 2:00 pm, no graduates will be permitted on the floor after 2:00 pm. Once the graduation ceremony concludes, graduates and guests must exit the building. All photographs must be taken outside the building. If you received an award during the Pre-Graduation Award Ceremony, you may pick it up at White Hall immediately following graduation if the coordinating department has not yet given you the award. 

Please reach out with any additional questions.


  McKenna Koewler, M.Ed.   Student Services Program Manager Boonshoft School of Medicine Wright State University 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy. 190 White Hall Dayton, Ohio 45435 (937) 775 - 3317  

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