This world's principles are rotation and repetition

We live everyday by using year, month, days and week appellations.

The meaning of the appellations is that time is [ rotation ] and [ repetition ].

[ year ] is one of the Earth's [ revolutions ] and [ day ] is one of Earth's [ rotation ].

Year, month, week and day appellations are the different number of rotations of time.

Each has it's own [ number of rotations ] as year=1 : month=12 : week=52 : day=365, but it is important to note that they all represent [ now ].

This [ time ]'s rotations each produce their own specific rhythm.

From this, we get the know-how on how to use time.

It's about positioning what you do within the most suitable rhythm, i.e. choosing the appropriate time for movement.

I have created the [ time diagram ] in order to choose this time.

11 months ago