We live according to [ repetition ]

Not only our muscles but also our brains movements, i.e. our thoughts are “rotation and repetition”.

I have developed MandalArt, a [ technique for creative thinking ], and the [ Mandala ] thought format is about [ repetition ] of [ development and convergence ].

[ Decision ] is born as the result of repeating [ development and convergence ], leading to us taking action. You can understand that the fact that action is also born from [ repetition ] by looking at the act of walking. Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot: it is about [ repeating ] the action of putting alternatively each foot ahead of us.

From this [ repetition ], we can learn many things.

Learning is about how many times you [ repeat ] something.

Living is repeating.

The know-how on how to live is about how well you can repeat.

11 months ago