Collected Notes


We've made the app even faster & cleaner.

Added “preview” button for easy access while editing. Swipe will continue to work in order to see the preview.

  • In addition to “public” and “private” you can now create notes and publish them as “unlisted”.
  • Swipe & long press context menus on notes.
  • Infinite scrolling support to notes list.
  • In-App purchase support.
  • Better upload images UI.
  • Improved add link option.
  • Scroll is now respected when dealing with long notes.
  • Improved slider over and split view on iPad.
  • FaceID fixes. Also, FaceID & TouchID are now detected and shown accordingly in settings.
  • Smart quotes are now disabled. This is important if you are writing code blocks.
  • iOS 14 support.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.


almost 4 years ago

Collected Notes