Collected Notes


For upcoming stuff see our Roadmap β†’


🌎 Web
  • Search your notes now available.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to save multiple notes with the same title.
  • You can now reorder your notes
  • Outbound Links are now extracted from notes, and shown on the footnotes!
πŸ“± iOS [Unreleased]
  • You can now reorder your notes
  • Recent notes are shown when adding a link. Allowing quick access.
πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’» Mac [Unreleased]


🌎 Web
  • Clicking save when updating notes won't take you out of edit mode.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented notes from showing up due to a paging error when having a lot of notes.
  • Titles are now inverted (β€œnote title β€” site name”). If you have multiple tabs it was hard to know what was where.
  • New quick compose endpoint, just go to
  • Drafts are saved automatically to local storage so you don't lose your notes when composing a new note.
  • Paging added to list of notes.
  • Embed Twitter, Youtube in your notes.
  • Deactivate account is not more visible in profile view
πŸ“± iOS
  • Context menu available for notes and swipe actions
  • In-app purchase available if you want to subscribe πŸŽ‰
  • Unlisted notes!
  • Improve layout when adding links and images in editor.
  • Rewrite of most screens. Faster & smaller footprint.
  • Infinite scrolling support to notes list.
  • Improved slider over and split view on iPad.
  • FaceID fixes. Also, FaceID & TouchID are now detected and shown accordingly in settings.
  • Added β€œpreview” button for easy access while editing. Swipe will continue to work in order to see the preview.
  • Smart quotes are now disabled. This is important if you are writing code blocks.