Bruno Aybar

Tech Study Group


Share our progress regarding absolutely any tech topic that we're currently studying. Could be related to what we do on a daily basis, or could be something completely new.


  • Everyone gets a chance to expose their topic at least once per month. Dates to be defined.
  • Ideally, you should define your topic at the beginning of the month, so that you can keep focused and a have a specific goal. But of course, you're free to change it if you want to.
  • It doesn't matter if someone else is studying the same topic. That's actually even better, there's more chance to discuss!
  • Unlike meetups, we don't need a super polished presentation. Share your learnings with us, in whatever way you want. You can show half-baked slides, in-progress article, raw speech, etc. Up to you!
  • Feedback will be given in every session, but it must be constructive and provide value. No offensive comments allowed. Being respectful is a must.
  • Participation is not mandatory so if you don't feel like participating any given month, that's ok!
  • Depending on who joins, we could do it in Spanish, English or Spanglish.

Except for being respectful, nothing here is set in stone. Feel free to suggest changes!

How to join?

Send me a DM to @brunoaybarg in Twitter to include you in the group.

10 months ago

Bruno Aybar