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Global NPM Packages


  • npx: Executes CLI tools by downloading the latest version on-demand or the project-specific local node_modules folder. Npx ships with npm 5+ and allows you to run code generators that frequently update without a global install.

  • rimraf : The Unix command rm -rf works on Windows as well. It's very useful for deleting the node_modules folder, especially when Windows is unable to do so due to the nested folder structure.

  • npm-check-updates : Analyzes your project folder and reports on which package has newer versions or not, with the option to be able to update all of them if you so wish. ncu for short.

  • n : A dead easy to tool to switch between versions of Node quickly, without having to remember the specific version number, which works on macOS/Linux. For Windows, you can use the choco package, nvs ; both n and nvs are covered in the Appendix C , Keeping Angular and Tools Evergreen .

  • http-server : A simple, zero-configuration command-line HTTP server, which is a great way to locally test static HTML/CSS pages or even the dist folder of your Angular or React project.

  • npm-windows-upgrade : Necessary to upgrade npm on Windows.

  • npkill : Easily find and remove old and heavy node_modules folders and reclaim gigabytes of disk space.





Angular Package Format

This document describes the structure and format of the Angular framework packages currently available on npm. This format applies to packages distributing Angular components (like Angular Material) as well as the core framework packages published under the @angular namespace, such as @angular/core and @angular/forms.

  • Set of guidelines and well tested best practices

  • Enables your package to integrate seamlessly in the Angular Ecosystem





  • Unit tests should adhere to the FIRST principle:

F ast

I solated

R epeatable

S elf-verifying

T imely



  1. Extract from Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications, Build and deliver production-grade and cloud-scale evergreen web apps with Angular 9 and beyond, 2nd Edition – Doguhan Uluca. 

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