Camila Blanc

Useful phrasal verbs

Sé sincero con el problema: My English isn’t the best but I promise to be as clear as I can. I hope you can be patient with me.

Pide feedback: How is the project on X going?/Does anyone have any comments or need me to clarify anything?

Pide que te corrijan: If I say something wrong or strange, please correct me.

Si vas a decir algo sobre lo que no estás seguro, dilo abiertamente: I’m not too sure about how to say this the right way so correct me if I’m mistaken.

Comprueba que has comprendido: Just to make sure I got what you mean, you meant to say X, right?

Comprueba que te han comprendido: Are we all clear?


over 1 year ago

Camila Blanc