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The government was to legalize recreational cannabis personal use in October 2021, allowing cultivation, possession, and sale of But the country' legislative body country's

Seed Junky uses its superior genetics to produce this high-powered Purple Push Pop has a high-THC count at around 24% This means that this strain has the potency to match its terpene It has a distinctly smooth smoke that has a sugary sweet Purple Push Pop also has hints of cream in its flavor

January is an extremely important month for growers of marijuana from non-feminized (regular) If you bought feminized seeds, you could expect about half of your plants to be However, if they are not removed, the male plants will pollinate the females, greatly reducing your Male vs female marijuana

Many cannabis growers prefer to harvest too late rather than too Flushing This process is done before harvesting cannabis, approximately one or two weeks before the harvest Flushing is done to help plants use up their reserved sugar by clearing up the salts and minerals on the growing It ensures a smooth and flavorful

NORTHERN LIGHTS BY ZATIVO SEEDS This strain deserves its place on the Northern Lights by Zativo Seeds hits that spot every She delivers a THC content of 18%; enough to scratch that psychoactive itch without rendering users You can blaze this indica at any point throughout the day for a relaxed state of

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