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The THC content in Cotton Candy Kush Auto marijuana seeds reaches up to 22%, while the CBD percentage is around Additional Breeder: Advanced Cannabis Species: Genetics: 50% Indica/50% CBD Stress Killer Feminized Marijuana Seeds; CBD Sweet and Sour Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds; CBD

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I soak seeds in water just until they sink then I plant sideways in medium about 1/ Damn near 100% sprout within 5 days using this If your seed sinks it means it is viable and this process also means water soaked through and activated the germination Establish roots as soon as that sucker Last edited: Jul 25, 2022

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Hemp seed contains Vitamin E along with a high level of essential fatty acid, which is great for soothing your To enjoy these benefits, you can take the protein either as a tablet or #) Efficiently Repairs Muscle Bodybuilders and athletes both usually turn to protein powders when it comes to rebuilding muscle

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