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Easter Gifts That Have Nothing to Do with Chocolate

Regardless of how you and your family celebrate Easter, it is an excellent opportunity for loved ones to come together and maybe even exchange a few thoughtful gifts. An estimated 80 million chocolate eggs are sold in the UK every Easter - an exciting prospect for individuals with a sweet tooth but not so much for those opposed to sugary treats. That said, there’s no reason for anybody to miss out on the fun. If you want to get something special for a close friend or family member to commemorate the occasion, consider the following thoughtful Easter gifts that have absolutely nothing to do with chocolate.

Easter Hamper

Hampers are fantastic gift options that provide the recipient with a little bit of everything. You can purchase pre-filled hampers from well-known department stores featuring exceptional local produce or luxury goodies. Alternatively, you could buy a hamper or wicker basket online and fill it yourself to create a thoughtful, personalised gift. You could include fine wine, cheese, artisan crackers, tea, coffee or anything you know your recipient would appreciate.

Fresh Flowers

There is nothing quite like a vase of fresh flowers to commemorate the coming of Spring. Treat your recipient to a bunch of beautiful seasonal flowers to brighten up their living space. Consider a vibrant bouquet of cheerful daffodils or a tub of fragrant hyacinths that will bloom every Spring when planted outdoors. Another excellent option for a lasting gift is to purchase your recipient a seasonal flower subscription, providing them with fresh, vibrant beauty every week.

Scented Candle

The floral fragrances of Spring are truly invigorating. However, fresh flowers are less than ideal for sufferers of seasonal allergies. That said, your recipient needn’t miss out on Springtime sensory delights, hay fever or otherwise. You can bring the fresh scents of the season into your loved one’s home with a hypoallergenic aromatherapy candle made from soy or beeswax. Opt for seasonal fragrances such as magnolia, jasmine and lily of the valley.


If your recipient is a whiz in the kitchen, the prospect of seasonal springtime produce will have them eager to try out brand-new culinary delights. Enthusiastic chefs always welcome an addition to their kitchen cupboards, whether it’s in the form of an innovative gadget like a 12-in-1 vegetable chopper or a classic cookware staple like a cast iron pan. You could even stick with an Easter theme and get your recipient some hand-painted ceramic egg cups.


When it comes to gifting, you can seldom go wrong with jewellery. Timeless and thoughtful, jewellery symbolises love, appreciation and faithfulness, ideal for a spouse or long-term partner. You could tailor your gift to suit the occasion by opting for floral detailing or Spring-appropriate motifs. You can also personalise jewellery gifts by presenting them in custom printed boxes for an extra element of consideration.

Spring-Themed Homeware

If your recipient likes to decorate their home according to annual holidays and the changing of the seasons, some Spring-themed homeware is the perfect Easter gift. Motifs and designs featuring classic Spring animals such as rabbits, lambs, chicks and bees are perfect for seasonal decor. You could also consider soft furnishings like cushions and throws in colours associated with Springtime, such as daffodil yellow, tea green and ivory.

Their Favourite Beverage

A bottle of fine wine or a case of quality craft beer is always a fail-safe, crowd-pleasing gift option. Suppose your recipient is partial to a glass of crisp Pinot Grigio or rich, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. If so, you can zhuzh up your gift by including some pairing options in the form of cheese, nuts, dried fruit and pickles. You could even order a personalised wine glass so your recipient can enjoy their favourite beverage from an appropriate receptacle.

Bath Products

Bath products always make excellent gifts, even for particularly fussy recipients. Some luxurious Epsom salts or soothing face masks could be just what your loved one needs to wind down after a long, stressful day. Opt for Spring-themed fragrances like cherry blossom or universally-loved scents like vanilla and lavender. Where possible, source natural and organic products, which are generally kinder to sensitive skin. You could even purchase egg-shaped bath bombs for some Easter exuberance.

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