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Ways to Customise Your Car

There are several ways you can personalise your car to make it more suitable to your needs and the look you’re trying to achieve. Here are some examples of ways to customise your car. 

Change your wheels

One way to make the exterior of your car look more appealing is to change the wheels. Standard wheels can be plain and uninteresting, choosing alloy wheels for a more luxurious exterior. There are lots of different colour and design options when it comes to alloy wheels; choose ones that you think look great and go with the colour of your car. Black alloys are great for a sporty and understated look; if you want to turn heads and add some gold alloys to your car. 

Add interior lights 

Adding lights to the interior of your car can really show off your vehicle. Interior light strips are usually very easy to install and can be controlled from your phone. You can change the colour of the lights and even install lights that automatically change colour or flash. When installing these lights, make sure you follow the instructions for the best finish.

Add seat covers

Seat covers are great for changing the look of your car and can help protect the seats from any damage or cover up previously damaged seats. You can buy seat covers in a range of colours and styles; just make sure you check the compatibility of the covers with your specific car make and model. You don’t want to buy seat covers that don’t fit your vehicle properly.

Professional paint job

If you want your car to stand out and look unique when you drive down the road, you could get a professional paint job. There are so many different colour and finish options available, from a glittery paint job to unusual paint that changes colour depending on the angle and the amount of light. Professional paint jobs are very expensive and need to be done by a reliable company; make sure you do your research if you’re considering this customisation option.

Custom car mats

When you’re browsing used performance cars, you might find the car mats are worn or don’t match the vehicle. If this is the case, you might want to remove them and buy new custom car mats. Custom car mats can change the look of your car interior and protect your floors. In addition, they also help with comfort when driving your car. Some cars have specific floor mat requirements, so make sure the custom mats you choose work with your chosen vehicle. 

Window tints

Tinting your windows is a great way to change the way your car looks from the outside and the inside. You’ll add more protection from the sun and privacy for your passengers whilst also making your car look more sporty on the exterior. Just check the laws in your country before adding window tints; if they’re too dark, your car might not pass its MOT, and the police could pull you over and ask you to remove them.

Car stereo with Bluetooth

If you’ve purchased an older car without Bluetooth connectivity, you may want to swap out the stereo system so you can connect your phone to play your own music. This will also help if you use your phone for navigation, as the sound will be louder and play through the car's speakers. This is a relatively simple change if you have a few tools and a bit of knowledge. There are many different online tutorials that will explain how to change your car stereo to a modern one that has Bluetooth capability. 

These are just some ways you can customise your car; some people change a car so much that it's completely unrecognisable compared to the car they first purchased. When making any changes to your car, think about how it will impact its value and your ability to sell it in the future. If the modification is likely to devalue your car, you might want to reconsider it and opt for an alternative that will help you maintain the car's value or even add value. New alloy wheels are a great way to add value to your car; take a look at some of the best-looking alloy wheels.

10 months ago

Rosie Fox