Incoherent notes

i found a spot of shade on the hike to write this

When the wind hits my back

I pretend it's you saying hello

And I hug you back

I'm trying to love the desert

Dry and dehydrated like me

I think I left all the tears I had in California

On one of what will be many drives to say goodbye

Listening to the saddest songs I can find

I'm making a place for you

To stay in my heart

I'm making a place for me

To guard what new heart will grow

You're not here to drink my water for me

I'm trying to love the desert

Sipping on water from your hiking pack

That has trail mix from one of our adventures

The wind says hello

Pushing me hard ahead

Can I stand still for a little bit?

Under the Palo Verde

Wishing you were here

Glad I am here

Trying to love the desert

Building something new

One more glance at the clouds

One more sip

One more moment.

desert landscape

over 2 years ago

P. Kim Bui