Incoherent notes

the empty yawn

As the small dog sighs

I'm reminded your breath is gone

And with it

Some part of mine.

/ The heart-shaped hole

Cannot be filled by any other means and even if it heals someday soon

I know I will feel the sharp wind push through it when I least expect it

An empty pandemic and a fence no one can seem to reach through

Have abandoned me here.

Every day they try

With microscopic words and even bigger actions

But every day is another away, set away from the rest of the world who cannot always bear a lack of my presence

But has passed by without you without a word or collective scream of anguish lost amongst the tears of others, for others

/ I thought I missed touch

But through trial and error I found either I cannot feel or none will match yours

I've created a shrine to your skin, your kiss in my mind and nothing will tear it down though others try to climb the tower

/ I am the empty yawn

Neither tired nor bored

Just simply existing and avoiding confirmation of existence for a yawn is ignored, eyes carefully avoiding any gaze (acknowledgement is judgement, after all)

No statements to be made here, a slight shake of the head as if to say, I didn't mean to exist, I didn't mean to happen, but here I am, so please forget I was ever here

/ Without you

I remain broken and hungry

Full of holes and wrapped in blankets

Not dressed up to be more than

An empty yawn.

about 3 years ago

P. Kim Bui