Shashank's Blog

Hello World

So I want to start off by just saying how happy I am to finally come across a clean and minimal blogging platform with markdown support. Big shoutout to the creator of Collected Notes!


And now, onto the main topic. Hi reader, my name is Shashank Saxena but a lot of people also call me Shank. I'm assuming you've already visited my website so I won't really explain myself too much here, but I did want to talk about why I am starting this blog.

This Blog

I always really wanted to document my life and learnings somewhere for two main reasons:

  1. I can refer back and reflect on my life
  2. Maybe my experience can be beneficial to others

An optional third reason could be that it's quarantine times and I wanted to pick up something new that wasn't related to tech and coding.

Blog Content

So I wanted to blog about three main topics:

  1. My thoughts on new technology or some interesting articles that I find online
  2. Some life experiences and milestones
  3. Promote some of the things I'm working on! 🙂

For the first one, I usually start my day by browsing through Product Hunt or Hacker News. I don't want to talk about every new product launched or every other article. I'll just point out the ones I will think are interesting.

The second one is just some of my thoughts and life experiences that I'm either having or have had. The main reason I wanted to share this was to get insight on my thought process for some things and see if other people have different perspectives on it.

And the third one will be pretty rare. I usually don't do as many side projects as I used to (and I complete even less 😅). But I'll just add it here as a way to share it.

That's all for my first post! I just wanted to give an introduction to what this will be. I look forward to any and every reader who will read my blog 😄