The Independent Dailies


✖︎ Testing out Collected Notes as a place to keep random thoughts throughout the day.

alt text

✖︎ The concept here is similar to Jack's. I don't think his implementation works for TIV, but I don't really know how I'd want to implement it myself to be honest. Saw this app in Dense Discovery and thought it might be fun to play around with. Not a long term solution by any means since it could disappear at any moment.

✖︎ Ultimately, I know I'm going y end up setting up a Drafts action to append to a file. It's how I get it to appear on the blog that I'm still unsure about. And also deciding what goes there vs Roam, where I've been using as that type of scratchpad.

✖︎ Meh.. I'm done with this already.